Sarah Holliday, Mary Szoch, Ken Blackwell, Travis Weber, Macy Petty

Sarah Holliday
Mary Szoch
Ken Blackwell
Travis Weber
Macy Petty

January 19, 2024

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Episode Resources: 

  • Check out FRC Action’s election integrity resources!
  • Visit iVoterGuide for voting information, candidate evaluations, and more for local, state, and national elections.
  • FRC Resource: Biblical Principles for Political Engagement: Worldview, Issues, and Voting.
  • Ohio residents, ask your state Senator to override Gov. DeWine’s veto of the SAFE Act (HB 68).
  • Urge House leadership to use all available leverage to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, drugs, human trafficking, and more across our nation's southern border.
  • Submit a comment urging the Biden administration not to undermine national sovereignty, free speech, and human dignity that would come from the proposed World Health Organization (WHO) Pandemic Preparedness Agreement.
  • Explainer: WHO’s Pandemic Agreement Threatens National Sovereignty, Free Speech, and Life.
  • Pledge to pray consistently for Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and his family.
  • Download and share FRC’s prayer guide for Israel and the hostages in Gaza.
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