Kevin McCarthy, John Malcolm, Nadine Maenza, Travis Weber

Kevin McCarthy
John Malcolm
Nadine Maenza
Travis Weber

September 26, 2019

Today’s show features:

  • Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader and U.S. Representative for the 23rd District of California, on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s unprecedented announcement of an official impeachment inquiry without a vote of the full House of Representatives.
  • John Malcolm, Vice President for Constitutional Government at Heritage Foundation, to explore the impeachment process and its political significance.
  • Nadine Maenza, Vice Chair of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, to discuss a congressional hearing about the religious freedom situation in Iraq and the conditions that would enable religious minorities to return to and flourish in their communities.
  • Travis Weber, Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs at Family Research Council, to rebut Politifact’s flawed fact-check of the claim that 80 percent of the world population lives in places where they could face persecution for their religious beliefs.

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