Travis Weber, Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs

Travis Weber

Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs, Director of the Center for Religious Liberty

Travis S. Weber, J.D., LL.M., is Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs at Family Research Council, where he oversees policy development and engagement with federal and state government officials on issues related to life, family, and religious liberty. Travis also serves as the Director of the Center for Religious Liberty, which coordinates FRC’s domestic and international religious freedom policy and advocacy efforts.

Travis has testified on religious freedom before the Military Personnel Subcommittee of the House Armed Service Committee, and conducted religious freedom and human rights training in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. He has spoken widely on this and other FRC issues, and appeared in a large variety of television, radio, and print media. Travis also writes legal and policy papers, including: Will Nonprofit Religious Organizations Withstand the Sexual Revolution in Law?, 29 Regent U. L. Rev. 259 (2017); Freedom of Conscience and New “LGBT Rights” in International Human Rights Law, 2 Regent J. Global Justice & Public Policy 277 (2016) (co-authored with L. Lin, and previewed in Public Discourse, Mar. 31, 2016); The Obligation to Prevent in the Proposed Convention Examined in Light of the Obligation to Prevent in the Genocide Convention, On the Proposed Crimes Against Humanity Convention 173 (Morten Bergsmo & SONG Tianying eds., 2014); and The Free Speech Protection Act of 2008: Protection Against Suppression, 22 Regent U. L. Rev. 481 (2010) (note).

Before joining FRC, Travis practiced law in the areas of civil rights, criminal defense, and military law. He holds a J.D. from Regent University School of Law, where he served as the Notes & Comments Editor on Law Review. Travis also graduated with an LL.M. in International Law (with distinction) and a Certificate in International Human Rights Law from Georgetown University Law Center.

Travis previously served as a Navy pilot after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, where he was captain of the Intercollegiate Sailing Team and a two-time College Sailing All-American.

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