Travis Weber

Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs

Travis S. Weber, J.D., LL.M., is Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs at Family Research Council, where he oversees policy development and engagement with federal and state government officials on issues related to life, family, and religious liberty.

Travis has testified on religious freedom before the Military Personnel Subcommittee of the House Armed Service Committee, and conducted religious freedom and human rights training in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. He has spoken widely on this and other FRC issues, and appeared in a large variety of television, radio, and print media. Travis also writes legal and policy papers, including: Will Nonprofit Religious Organizations Withstand the Sexual Revolution in Law?, 29 Regent U. L. Rev. 259 (2017); Freedom of Conscience and New “LGBT Rights” in International Human Rights Law, 2 Regent J. Global Justice & Public Policy 277 (2016) (co-authored with L. Lin, and previewed in Public Discourse, Mar. 31, 2016); The Obligation to Prevent in the Proposed Convention Examined in Light of the Obligation to Prevent in the Genocide Convention, On the Proposed Crimes Against Humanity Convention 173 (Morten Bergsmo & SONG Tianying eds., 2014); and The Free Speech Protection Act of 2008: Protection Against Suppression, 22 Regent U. L. Rev. 481 (2010) (note).

Before joining FRC, Travis practiced law in the areas of civil rights, criminal defense, and military law. He holds a J.D. from Regent University School of Law, where he served as the Notes & Comments Editor on Law Review. Travis also graduated with an LL.M. in International Law (with distinction) and a Certificate in International Human Rights Law from Georgetown University Law Center.

Travis previously served as a Navy pilot after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, where he was captain of the Intercollegiate Sailing Team and a two-time College Sailing All-American.

Recent Activity

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Pakistan religious discrimination is enabling human trafficking

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Say a prayer for the most persecuted

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Death Comes to Northeast Syria: The Human Cost of Trump's Withdrawal of Forces

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Four Ways President Trump Can Make Religious Freedom Great Again at the UN

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What the LA Times Gets Wrong About Religious Freedom

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Symposium: American Legion lays the groundwork for the downfall of Lemon

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Only the American Flag Should Be Flown at American Embassies Worldwide

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4 Things Steny Hoyer Gets Wrong About the Equality Act

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Defending Family Values Across the Globe

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UK Asylum Officers Would Benefit from Basic Bible Study

The Art of Disagreement

What Does Tuesday's Supreme Court Decision Mean for Trump's Military Transgender Policy?

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Christianity's Blessings to Society

Pakistani Christian Woman's Fate Hangs in the Balance

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In Win for Religious Freedom, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Reminds Us Why Judicial Nominations Matter

Are Justices Sotomayor and Ginsburg For or Against Religious Hostility?

Supreme Court Protects Jack Phillips' Rights, Tells Colorado: "Not So Fast"

Flocking to Tend to Our Nation's Spiritual Needs

One Year Later: The Impact of President Trump's Executive Order Protecting Religious Liberty

State Department Defends Actual Human Rights Instead of Made-Up Rights

The Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act: Ensuring a Free Marketplace of Adoption Providers

What Mike Pompeo understands about religion and national security

Mike Pompeo Has the Correct Perspective on Human Rights

For the Sake of Our Security at Home, We Must Focus on Religious Freedom Abroad

Why Religious Freedom Is a National Security Issue

Attacks on Counseling Threaten Pastors and Churches

Sixth Circuit Shows Why SOGIs Are a Threat to Religious Freedom

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Andrew Sullivan on Opioids: Pointing Us Toward God

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Generation Z - Seeking Answers to Good and Evil

The EEOC's Ever-Expanding Definition of “Sex Discrimination”

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Religious liberty report card: The Trump administration's first year

Oregon State Appeals Court Rules Against Aaron and Melissa Klein

Kicking Jesus Off the Bus?

The 'War on Christmas' Is Real

Supreme Court Justices Grill ACLU and Colorado in Christian Baker's Case

In Masterpiece, the Supreme Court Grapples With a Problem of Its Own Making

LGBT advocates seek to scuttle a vital Constitutional right

10th Circuit Lets Police Officers Off the Hook After Telling Woman She Could Not Pray in Her Own Home

Why It Is Unnecessary to Force Jack Phillips to Bake a Wedding Cake

ACLU: Forcing Faith Out of Adoption

The First Amendment Protects a Dissenting Cake Baker, Not State Coercion

Atheists, Courts Mark Veterans Day While Demanding Demolition Of Veterans Memorials

Did the ACLU Hide the Ball and Rush an Abortion?

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Standing for Christ

"Blasphemy Laws" Violate Religious Liberty

Destroying the Johnson Amendment

4 Entertaining Moments During Oral Arguments Over Banning Churches From Public Funds

Think Slavery Has Been Eradicated in the 21st Century? You'd Be Wrong.

Gorsuch on International and Foreign Law

The 'Bigly,' and Necessary, Humility of Judge Neil Gorsuch

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A Biblical Perspective on Immigration

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Debunking Right Wing Watch

Setting the Record Straight on RFRA (Again)

How to Amend the Johnson Amendment

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The New Thought Police

Religious Freedom at Home and Abroad

How to respond to the "After School Satan Clubs"

High Court Puts Gloucester County School Board v. G.G. Ruling on Hold

Federal Judge Still Refuses to Let Mississippi Religious Freedom Law Go Into Effect

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Ends Justify the Means in Ruling on HB 1523

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Open Doors USA Releases World Watch List Highlighting Worst Countries for Persecution of Christians

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Courts Begin to Tell Christian Schools If What They Believe Matters

Houston ERO Finally Goes to the Polls

Constitutional Resistance to Obergefell v. Hodges

"Bigots?" Memories Pizza Demonstrates its Tolerance.

On Religious Liberty, Pope Francis Reminds Americans to Be American

President Obama: Patiently Chiseling Away at Religious Liberty

Colorado Appeals Court Refuses to Protect Religious Freedom

New Poll Finds High Support for Religious Liberty

Craig James Files Suit Against Fox Sports Southwest

Human Rights Campaign Doubles Down on Alternative Views

ACLU Again Betrays its Support of Individual Freedom

Federal Judge and the ACLU Agree that RFRA Protects Religious Exercise in the Military

Overview of Obergefell v. Hodges: Supreme Court Discards Voters' Views on Marriage

Supreme Court Coddles Congress on Obamacare

Parental Opt-Outs and Conscience Exemptions

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Two Noteworthy Supreme Court Decisions Announced Today

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Kentucky Judge Affirms First Amendment

What is the price of adhering to your faith?

Muslim chooses to die alongside Christians

Marriage and Conscience Act critic reveals his own hypocrisy and desire to discriminate

Georgia's S.B. 129 would free all Georgians from the tentacles of government

H.B. 1228: Bringing Freedom to Arkansas

In the Footsteps of Jesus

Judge relies on decision upholding government¿s ability to regulate marriage as it suppresses conscience objections to same-sex "marriage"

Cochran Complaint Paints Compelling Picture of Discrimination Based on Religious Beliefs

Judge to Public University: You Must Allow Pro-Life Views

American Sniper and the Restoration of Man

Atlanta Mayor Steps up Disparaging Attacks on Chief Cochran

Tarnishing Freedom in Georgia

The Supreme Court, prisoner rights, religious liberty, and human dignity

At the Supreme Court: A Small Church and a Big Case

City of Atlanta: No orthodox Christians need apply

DC Council votes in support of forcing abortion coverage

Think Progress implicitly endorses Texas RFRA

To the business community: Religious freedom and you - perfect together

Meddling Freedom From Religion Foundation Gets Tossed Out of Court

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit: Upholding marriage and democracy

7 Points of Reflection: Responding to the Houston Mayor's Press Conference Announcing the Withdrawal of the Subpoenas Targeting the Five Houston Pastors

Federal Judge: Revised "Accommodation" for Religious Organizations Still not Good Enough

Ministers: Beware

In the name of religious rights for prisoners

FRC Files Amicus Brief in Reed v. Town of Gilbert

A Tale of Two...Groups Which Voluntarily Relinquished their Freedom to Associate

A "God" that is not God; Victoria Beeching, love and acceptance

For once and for all, I am telling you: "Sex" means "transgender," and it also means "gender identity."

Genocide in Iraq

A Judge is Judged for Injudicious Behavior

Blumenthal Bill: Bringing medicine back to the dark ages

Discriminatory Murray Bill is anti-constitutional and anti-civil rights, anti-business, anti-religion, and anti-women

Slandering the Supremes

Hobby Lobby: A clear win for RFRA, and a cautious rebuke of the HHS mandate

McCullen v. Coakley: A Win (Somewhat) for Free Speech

Sudan must redress Meriam's new plight along with its legal system, which is already leading to other apostasy charges

Meriam Ibrahim to be Freed

Churches in Denmark Forced to Perform Same-Sex "Marriages"

Trampling on the UN's Noble Heritage

Humanist "Chaplain"? -- Not all Worldviews are Religions

FREEDOM TO PROGRESSION vs. Freedom of Religion

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