Roger Severino, David Closson, Jennifer Bryson, Katherine Beck Johnson, Lela Gilbert

Roger Severino
David Closson
Jennifer Bryson
Katherine Johnson
Lela Gilbert

April 17, 2020

Today’s show features:

  • Roger Severino, Director of the Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, on the Office of Civil Rights resolving complaints against state healthcare triaging guidelines that discriminate on the basis of disability and age.
  • David Closson, FRC's Director of Christian Ethics and Biblical Worldview, on the biblical worldview underlying pro-life policy.
  • Tony Perkins on his conference call earlier today with President Trump and faith leaders.
  • Jennifer Bryson, Founder of Let All Play, on LGBT activists using the pandemic to advance their agenda.
  • Katherine Beck Johnson, FRC's Research Fellow for Legal and Policy Studies, on FRC's new issue brief, "Restrictions on Religious Freedom During the Coronavirus Crisis."
  • Lela Gilbert, FRC's Senior Fellow for International Religious Freedom, on the latest international religious freedom developments.

Episode Resources:

  • Learn how the pandemic is affecting persecuted minorities.
  • Get your copy of Man to Man: Rediscovering Masculinity in a Challenging World.
  • Read about how we can draw near to God while we socially distance.
  • Check out FRC’s COVID-19 resource bank for churches.
  • Explore FRC's Biblical Worldview Series featuring publications on life, religious liberty, and political engagement.
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