Ted Yoho, Martin Makary, Dan Celia, Ken Blackwell, Travis Weber

Ted Yoho
Martin Makary
Dan Celia
Ken Blackwell
Travis Weber

May 26, 2020

Today’s show features:

  • Ted Yoho, Representative for the 3rd district of Florida, on China sending two new aircraft carriers near the Pratas Islands, stoking fear that a Taiwan invasion could be next.
  • Martin Makary, Professor of Health Policy at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, on reopening America safely and the possibility of a second wave of the virus.
  • Dan Celia, Host of “Financial Issues with Dan Celia,” on the stock market’s recovery and what might be ahead for the economy.
  • Ken Blackwell, FRC’s Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance, on rumors that the GOP is considering an overhaul of the party platform before the Republican National Convention.
  • Travis Weber, FRC’s Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs, on HHS’s proposed rule to add new religious freedom and conscience protections to the Affordable Care Act.

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