Ben Cline, Norman Woods, Chris Gacek, David Closson

Ben Cline
Norman Woods
Chris Gacek
David Closson

February 10, 2023

On today’s program:

  • Ben Cline, U.S. Representative for the 6th District of Virginia, shares House Budget Committee Republicans' plan to cut unnecessary spending, the FBI’s withdrawal of a SPLC-inspired memo targeting Catholics as well as DOJ’s stonewalling of a House Judiciary Committee investigation.
  • Norman Woods, Heritage Family Alliance Executive Director, shares about the South Dakota state legislature’s recent passage of a bill protecting minors from gender transition procedures.
  • Chris Gacek, FRC’s Coalition Senior Research Fellow, highlights FRC’s amicus brief submitted in a lawsuit against the FDA’s illegal approval of chemical abortion drugs.
  • David Closson, FRC’s Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview, reacts to the troubling performances at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards.

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