Jerry Boykin, Bob Good, Jon Schweppe, Mary Szoch, David Closson

Jerry Boykin
Bob Good
Jon Schweppe
Mary Szoch
David Closson

April 8, 2022

On today's show:

  • Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, FRC's Executive Vice President and former commander of the U.S. Army's elite Delta Force, comments on Russia’s removal from the UN Human Rights Council, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s analysis of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s next move, and Austin’s support of enlisting “non-binary” persons in the Armed Services. 
  • Bob Good, U.S. Representative for the 5th District of Virginia, speaks on Secretary Becerra refusing to address if federal law bans partial birth abortions and if it is child abuse to perform transgender surgery on a 12-year-old.
  • Jon Schweppe, Director of Policy and Government Affairs for American Principles Project, unpacks White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s comment that gender surgeries and puberty blockers for minors are “life-saving.”
  • Mary Szoch, FRC’s Director of the Center for Human Dignity, discusses the discovery of five late term aborted babies who were killed by a notorious DC abortionist.
  • David Closson, FRC’s Director of Christian Ethics and Biblical Worldview, discusses the concerns raised by the New York Times over what they describe as the “growing religious fervor of the American right.” 

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