Marjorie Jackson, Chris Smith, Jonathan Isaac, Jennifer Bauwens, David Closson

Marjorie Jackson
Chris Smith
Jonathan Isaac
Jennifer Bauwens
David Closson

May 20, 2022

On today’s program:

  • Marjorie Jackson, Washington Watch Correspondent, reports on the upcoming 75th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Chris Smith, U.S. Representative for the 4th District of New Jersey, comments on the importance of the upcoming World Health Organization meeting.
  • Jonathan Isaac, power forward for the Orlando Magic, shares about his new book, “Why I Stand,” which explains his decision not to kneel during the National Anthem.
  • Dr. Jennifer Bauwens, FRC’s Director of the Center for Family Studies, addresses what’s really going on with the "groomer" controversy
  • David Closson, FRC’s Director of the Center for Biblical Worldview, discusses the smear campaign against a Christian school in Louisville, KY and the importance of preparing young people for difficult cultural debates.

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