Biblical Principles for Pro-Life Engagement

Biblical Principles for Pro-Life Engagement

Abortion is one of the most contentious and sensitive moral and political questions in America. Instead of settling the issue in 1973, the Supreme Court set off a decades-long debate when they decided that abortion was protected by an implied “right to privacy” in the United States Constitution. Since that decision, abortion has remained a mainstay in American public discourse and is frequently a decisive issue in political campaigns.

Recently, changes in the composition of the Supreme Court, a flurry of new abortion laws, and the leftward lurch of the Democrat Party have brought abortion to the fore of the national conversation. Moreover, there has been a renewed effort in theologically liberal Christian circles to argue that the Bible does not oppose abortion.

In light of these arguments, and the continued prominence of abortion in American culture, it is crucial for Christians to know what the Bible actually says about the issue of abortion. Does the Bible teach that life begins at conception or birth? Is abortion murder? On these questions and others, we believe the Bible has a clear word. Therefore, it is the goal of this publication to present the Bible’s teaching on the issue of abortion. Furthermore, and perhaps surprising to many, the church has grappled with this debate for centuries, and thus has resources from which to articulate a faithful response.

This publication presents an examination of the relevant passages in the Bible that inform how a Christian should think about abortion, the question of “personhood,” and a survey of how prominent church leaders have interpreted these passages throughout history.

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