Travis Weber, Cissie Graham Lynch, Bob Maginnis, Robert Malone

Travis Weber
Cissie Graham Lynch
Bob Maginnis
Robert Malone

November 22, 2021

On today's show, hosted by Joseph Backholm:

  • Travis Weber, FRC’s Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs, discusses the House passing the Democrats' massive spending bill, the NDAA provision forcing women into the military draft, and a Chinese tennis star goes missing after making a sexual assault allegation against a former Chinese communist party official.
  • Cissie Graham Lynch, host of the “Fearless” podcast, talks about this year’s Operation Christmas Child.
  • Bob Maginnis, author and retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel, unpacks what China’s second hypersonic missile test could mean for the United States.
  • Dr. Robert Malone, Chief Medical and Regulatory Officer for The Unity Project and virologist whose work has focused on mRNA technology, shares why he is opposed to COVID vaccine mandates, especially for children, and predicts the future of COVID.

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