Vicky Hartzler, James Lankfor, Mary Szoch, Connor Semelsberger

Vicky Hartzler
James Lankford
Mary Szoch
Connor Semelsberger

January 21, 2022

On today's show:

  • Vicky Hartzler, U.S. Representative for the 4th District of Missouri, discusses what the March for Life communicates to policymakers on Capitol Hill, how the Values Action Team is working to uphold the sanctity of human life, and President Biden’s comments about a “minor” Russian incursion of Ukraine.
  • James Lankford, U.S. Senator from Oklahoma, shares why the Supreme Court cannot sweep the abortion issue under the judicial rug and his thoughts on the U.S. Senate’s rejection of Senate Majority Leader Schumer’s effort to gut the filibuster.
  • Mary Szoch, FRC's Director of the Center for Human Dignity, talks about the March for Life and FRC’s new worldwide abortion comparison study.
  • Connor Semelsberger, FRC's Director of Federal Affairs for Life and Human Dignity, reviews the Biden administration’s extreme record on abortion.

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