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February 14, 2017 - Tuesday

Click here to read the petitionAfter eight years of the Obama administration persecuting believers with sincerely-held religious beliefs who dared to defy their godless policies, the time has come for President Trump to sign an executive order protecting religious freedom.

Americans of all backgrounds have suffered the loss of their religious freedoms because of Obama-era policies. Master Sergeant Phillip Monk was targeted for criminal investigation by the Air Force after he refused to agree with his commanding officer that a subordinate’s expression of opposition to same-sex marriage constituted discrimination. Alan Howe was unable to obtain a health plan in the state of Vermont that did not support abortion. Dozens of other Americans have similar stories.

But the religious hostility has not been limited to individuals. The Little Sisters of the Poor as well as other religious groups and colleges have been forced under the HHS mandate to choose between paying crushing fines or violating their deeply held beliefs about abortion. Children served by Bethany Christian Services and Catholic Charities (which has been forced out of Massachusetts, Illinois, and D.C.) will be left without the care provided by these organizations as they are being forced to violate their faith and beliefs regarding natural marriage if they want to continue placing children for adoption.

Please read the petition below to President Trump asking him to sign an executive order protecting the religious freedom of these individuals and others. If you agree with it, click the link to join me in signing it. We will deliver your petition to President Trump to show him that the American people, who supported him in the presidential election in part due to his promises to the faith community, desire strong religious freedom protections.