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On Monday’s edition of “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” FRC’s Assistant to the President, Craig James guest hosts for Tony. Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Legal Counsel, Brett Harvey joins Craig to spotlight the prayer victory in the Joyner v. Forsyth County case in North Carolina. Also, FRC’s Senior Fellow for National Security, Col. Bob Maginnis (ret) is here with his reaction to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel resigning from his post earlier today.

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How You Can Stand with Houston Pastors

You've undoubtedly already heard from my friend Tony Perkins about the pastors and churches in Houston, Texas that have had their internal church communication subpoenaed by the Houston Mayor Annise Parker. This was done by the Mayor to intimidate pastors around the area who have been speaking out in support of a voter referendum on a "bathroom bill" that was forced upon Houston residents and businesses earlier this year. My friend, the church is the last bastion of truth in this country, and the government has no business snooping on the freedom of the church to exercise its First Amendment rights. We can't allow this overt intimidation to stand.

That's why I'm joining with Tony and others for a special nationwide simulcast from Houston on Sunday, November 2nd at 7:00 p.m. ET. Live from one of the affected churches in Houston, "I Stand Sunday" will focus on what's happening in that city, as well as other threats to religious freedom around the country. Our aim will be to show how Christians nationwide can stand together in love and unity for America's First Freedom of religious liberty.

Please bring this to the attention of the leadership of your church, and join with us and churches across the country as we focus on this issue that is crucial to the freedom of the ... (more)

Stand with us!

Did you miss this year's I Stand Sunday program? Not a problem! Watch the program in it's entirety by going to

Christians across American came together for this dynamic event to stand in support of the pastors and churches in Houston, Texas. Speakers from across the nation including Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson and Gov. Mike Huckabee, spoke to crowd encouraging them to stand strong in the faith.

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GAO Report Confirms: Taxpayer Funding of Abortion and No Transparency

by Arina Grossu

Arina Grossu is Director, Center for Human Dignity at Family Research Council. This article appeared on, September 25, 2014. After numerous requests by members of Congress, including U.S. Reps. John Shimkus (R-IL) (on not one but two occasions), Andy Harris (R-MD) and Diane Black for clarity about abortion coverage in the state exchanges, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), a non-partisan government agency, released a report detailing its findings. The GAO found that taxpayer funds are being used tosubsidizeabortion, ... (more)

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Mapping America 135: Currently in First Only Marriage

by Pat Fagan

The 2002 cycle of the National Survey of Family Growth showed that among adults aged 38 to 44,1 staying in one’s first and only marriage is most common among those raised in an intact married family. Structure of family of origin. Fifty-three percent of ever-married women aged 38 to 44 who grew up in an intact married family were still in their first and only marriage at the time of the survey. This is followed by those raised by an always single parent (40.7 percent), those raised by a single divorced parent (36 percent), those in a ... (more)

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The Face of Freedom Shines at Values Voter Summit

by Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins is President of Family Research Council. This article appeared in The Christian Post on October 3, 2014. God is good. All the time. With those six words, a 27 year-old Sudanese mother opened her address to the audience of the 2014 Values Voter Summit Saturday night. It was only four short months ago that a shackled Mariam Ibraheem gave birth to a baby girl in a disease-ridden Khartoum prison as she faced a death sentence -- all because she refused to renounce her faith in Christ. Family Research Council had the distinct ... (more)