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On Friday's edition of "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins," FRC's Assistant to the President, Craig James, guest hosts for Tony. FRC's Director of the Center for Religious Liberty, Travis Weber, joins Craig with the latest on a booster club in California being barred by their principal to sell donated Chick-fil-A sandwiches because of the company's beliefs on marriage. Also, Catalina Foothills High School in Tucson, Arizona football coach, Gary Weiss, is here to highlight his recent firing for allowing his players to pray before and after the games.

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Watch Tuesday - Common Core: The Government's Classroom

Confused by all the talk about the Common Core in education? You're not alone. Join FRC live Tuesday evening via webcast as experts and leaders come together to discuss the coming overhaul in testing and curriculum that is part of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. The entire program will be available to view free online at

Program guests include:

  • Host Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council
  • Co-Host Sarah Perry, Senior Fellow, Family Research Council
  • Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.)
  • Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.)
  • Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Professor, University of Arkansas
  • Jane Robbins, Esq., American Principles Project
  • Dr. Neal McCluskey, CATO Institute
  • Will Estrada, Esq., Home School Legal Defense Association

Please don't miss what our guests have to say about these educational standards and learn how you can reverse Common Core state-by-state.

We want to hear from you! Please send your questions to, or Tweet them to ... (more)

Don't miss a chance to be a part of history!

Join Christians across America for Star Spangled Sunday. This live, webcasted event marked the 200th Anniversary of the song that became our National Anthem. Hosted by Family Research Council and Vision America, speakers featured the providential story behind the song and challenged us to renew our spirit of patriotism. This event was a wonderful way to celebrate the 200th anniversary of The Star Spangled Banner. Go to to view this historic event! Remember, our Flag is still there!

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Abortion Coverage Highlights Major Problems in Obamacare

by Emily Minick

Emily Minick is Senior Legislative Assistant at Family Research Council. This article appeared in The Christian Post on September 15, 2014. Open enrollment for Obamacare, beginning on November 15th, is rapidly approaching. This means time is running out for hopes that transparency will be brought to abortion coverage in Obamacare plans on the exchanges. Isn't that what the President said Obamacare was really all about; giving people healthcare choice? The Family Research Council has been actively researching healthcare plans on the ... (more)

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Obama Executive Order on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

by Peter Sprigg and Travis Weber

What did President Obama do? On July 21, 2014, President Obama signed an Executive Order to prohibit discrimination on the basis of "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" by federal contractors, and to prohibit discrimination against federal employees based on "gender identity" ("sexual orientation" had already been included as a protected category in federal employment by President Clinton). The Executive Orders that were amended President Obama's order amended previous Executive Orders signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson and ... (more)

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Choosing Sides in the War Against Evil

by Rob Schwarzwalder

Rob Schwarzwalder is Senior Vice President at Family Research Council. This article appeared on, September 17, 2014. The writer of Ecclesiastes said there is nothing new under the sun. In one sense, this isn't quite true. It's doubtful that any of the Old Testament writers used iPads or laptops. But in the sense Ecclesiastes means, it's dead right. Human nature and our patterns of behavior, the character of temptation and the need for redemption: These and other elemental things remain unchanged across the ... (more)