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Sign our statement of support for Trump's move toward security and strength in the military over the Obama-era social experimentation
July 27, 2017 - Thursday

This week, President Trump kept his promise to return the U.S. military to its priorities – and end the social experimentation of the Obama era that has crippled our nation’s troops. The president said decisively that that the U.S. military should be “focused on decisive and overwhelming victory,” as he ended the Obama administration’s transgender policy in the military.

The president’s announcement signals that the days of politically-correct, culture war fighting are over. For the president who has said, "I want a very, very strong military," this step shows the military will return to its mission of keeping America safe by focusing on true warfighting. 

This decision, of course, is not a popular one with the politically correct Left who see the military not as a lethal fighting force, but as a social laboratory. Right now, these sexual anarchists are making their voices heard. That’s why it’s important for those who care about our military’s mission to stand with the president on this decision.

Please join me in signing our statement of support for President Trump’s ending of the Obama military transgender policy.