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Your Gift's Impact

The support of friends like you enables Family Research Council to provide key research to Congress, the White House, and the general public, shaping the debate on issues pertaining to faith, family, and freedom.

Pro-family bills have been drafted based on information, language, and research FRC provided, thanks to generosity like yours. Judicial nominees have been confirmed or rejected as a result of FRC's national influence and the millions of Americans for whom it speaks. Lives have been protected and saved thanks to commitment like yours to preserving faith, family and freedom through FRC.

Family Research Council would not be able to influence public debate on the issues you care about without the faithful financial and prayerful support of friends like you. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, FRC relies fully on partners like you to fund its work.

Thank you for joining with FRC as we champion faith, family, and freedom in this great nation.

What Your Contribution Has Enabled Family Research Council to Accomplish

  • On Monday, January 23, a day after the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, President Trump reinstated the Mexico City policy that bans federal funding of foreign abortions.
  • Rep. (Dr.) Tom Price, a recipient of FRC Action's True Blue Award and a tireless advocate of faith, family, and freedom, was nominated by President Trump as HHS secretary and confirmed by the Senate in February.
  • On February 1, FRC President Tony Perkins helped reintroduce the Free Speech Fairness Act to repeal the Johnson Amendment used to threaten American Christians.
  • In February, Georgia paid a settlement to Dr. Eric Walsh after FRC's Travis Weber, First Liberty, and 40,387 of you stood against the state's religious discrimination.
  • On March 31, just a month after FRC's Peter Sprigg testified before the New Hampshire state Health, Human Services, and Elder Affairs Committee, they shot down a bill that would have banned sexual reorientation therapy.
  • In April, Vice President Mike Pence visited an FRC event to restate the commitment of the presidential administration to policies advancing faith, family, and freedom.
  • At FRC's urging, President Trump acted in support of life and canceled taxpayer funding for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
  • On April 10, Judge Neil Gorsuch was sworn in as the 101st Associate Justice of the Supreme Court at the White House. FRC President Tony Perkins was privileged to attend Gorsuch's nomination ceremony at the White House in January.
  • Backed by a dozen pro-life organizations (including FRC), the House launched a special panel in May 2017 to investigate the organization's taxpayer-funded abuses of fetal tissue and born-alive infant protection laws.
  • At the 2017 World Congress of Families as well as the large Faith Church in Budapest, Hungary, FRC's Peter Sprigg and Travis Weber shared our vision and work and connected with like-minded European leaders.
  • In May 2017, former FRCers Charmaine Yoest, Teresa Wagner Manning, and Shannon Royce, and Ken Blackwell were placed in top positions within the new presidential administration.
  • On the National Day of Prayer, May 4, 2017, surrounded by a group of leaders that included FRC's Tony Perkins, President Trump gave an executive order in favor of religious liberty.

Family Research Council's financial records are available through ECFA's website. To view our annual report, please visit our 'Contribute' section and click on the ECFA logo.