Family Research Council

Bathroom Bills and Pandora's Box

By Family Research Council

       “Gender identity” non-discrimination laws—particularly those that apply to schools and “public accommodations”—authorize people to use sex-separated facilities (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and showers) that correspond to their subjective, psychological “gender identity,” rather than their objective, biological sex.

        This has led to concerns that such policies—particularly insofar as they permit biological males to use facilities designated for women or girls—could threaten the privacy and safety of the general public, and even lead to an increase in voyeurism and sexual assault. It is important to note that the concern is not that transgendered individuals are more likely to be sexual predators, but rather that sexual predators could exploit such laws by posing as transgendered in order to gain access to women and girls.

         Transgender activists have scoffed at these suggestions, essentially denying that such incidents even occur, but below is a list of publicly reported incidents in which men violated the privacy of women in bathrooms, locker rooms, and other private spaces, demonstrating that the concern about safety and privacy is legitimate:


  1. Post Register: Transgender woman arrested for voyeurism at Target (July 12,2016)

    Ammon, Idaho - A biological male claiming to be a woman was arrested after taking cellphone pictures of a woman in the adjoining stall of a women's dressing room at a Target store. The man, who was dressed as a woman, ran out of the store after the victim attempted to confront him.

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