House Gives Trafficking the Red Light

January 30, 2015 - Friday

House Gives Trafficking the Red Light

The biggest news from the Super Bowl may not be what happens on the field, but who’s lurking outside it. Most fans are so preoccupied with the Patriots and Seahawks that they have no idea Phoenix is hosting another event: the Super Bowl of Sex Trafficking. Every year, the FBI gets ready for the dark side of America’s biggest game -- rings of child and teen prostitution. Some cities have seen as many as 10,000 girls brought in before the game hoping to do business with men who have “money to burn.”

House leaders are doing their best to put the brakes on America’s trafficking nightmare with a dozen bills aimed at the heart of the trade. On Monday, Republican and Democratic members stood together in a rare show of bipartisanship to protect the victims of this ballooning problem by passing 11 measures that attack the epidemic from every possible angle -- from new advertising rules and State Department training to youth runaway prevention and recovery programs.

Two weeks ago, we called on Congress as part of FRC’s State of the Family address to prioritize this issue and help ensure that women, and especially minors, involved in sex trafficking are rescued and cared for as victims -- not criminals. Our hats go off to members of both parties who put politics aside to help end the exploitation of women and children. Abortion on demand and human trafficking compose a common league of evil. Ending that league is the abolitionist cause of our time.

Let’s hope the Senate feels the same way and moves to end the greatest human rights crisis in the world today. For more on the victories in the House, don’t miss my radio interview with the sponsor of one of those 11 bills, Congressman Ted Poe (R-Texas).

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