Virginia Gov Shelves Explicit Book Bill

Virginia Gov Shelves Explicit Book Bill

April 05, 2016

The site of the latest LGBT controversy shouldn't surprise you (suburban San Francisco) -- but the opposition might! Not everyone living near Rep. Nancy Pelosi's (D) district supports her radical sexual agenda. At Windmere Ranch Middle School, parents are threatening to pull their children out if administrators don't reconsider their LGBTQ "acceptance week."

The event, which was expanded to five days from one, has been a political hot potato since the district announced it earlier this year. Moms and dads have since launched an online petition demanding that the lessons, which kick off next Monday, change to reflect the views of the schools families. "We are highly concerned about the extended promotion of LGBTQ by the acceptance week curriculum, which appears to indoctrinate our children, undermine parental guidance and humiliate those with religious, cultural, and personal convictions not in agreement or acceptance with the promotional campaign," more than 650 signers agree.

"Again, we are not against LGBTQ but demand respect and equality for all segments of our community by [Windmere Ranch Middle School]." Arguing that the materials "ignor[e] acceptance and promotion of values represented in other diverse groups within our community," the parents asked for -- and received -- a meeting with the district superintendent. His only concession? Removing explicit images from the videos. Unless something drastic changes, the school's families are warning that legal action could be next.

This aggressive campaign to undermine parents must sound all-too familiar to people in Virginia, where the governor just vetoed a bill giving moms and dads the right to exempt their kids from sexually graphic books. In a political stunner, Governor Terry McAuliffe essentially told parents "tough luck" if they don't want the schools indoctrinating their children. Claiming the legislation to let families opt-out was "inflexible," McAuliffe -- who never minded dictating local policies before -- suddenly decided that the rules should be left to individual school districts. What a convenient -- and inconsistent -- excuse for exposing impressionable kids to extreme content. Once again, it shows how schools are being turned into liberal recruiting centers, where God and now parents have been expelled.

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