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  • Vice President for Policy

    May 05, 2016: The Vice President for Policy will be responsible for directing FRC’s policy development and publishing strategies. Also responsible for management of research and family policy ... (more)

  • Regional Media Coordinator

    April 19, 2016: Responsibilities Include: Under the direction of the VP for Communications, this position will assist in crafting FRC’s strategic messaging, arrange interviews for FRC spokespeople, ... (more)

  • Video Producer

    December 07, 2015: The Video Producer will play an integral role in the definition and execution of the video experience to bring a wide variety of award winning programming to a whole new audience.

  • Culture Impact Team Coordinator

    October 26, 2015: Responsibilities Include: The Culture Impact Team (CIT) Coordinator will serve as an advocate and representative for the Church Ministries Division in our efforts to build a nationwide ... (more)

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