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  • Obama's Gun Control Campaign Doomed To Fail

    by Ken Klukowski

    January 17, 2013: President Barack Obama on Wednesday revealed his national gun control proposal, one loaded with divisive rhetoric and exploiting children onstage to push his agenda, which ignores the most ... (more)

  • Obama Has Long Opposed Second Amendment Rights

    by Ken Klukowski

    January 17, 2013: President Barack Obama is being blatantly disingenuous when he says he believes in the Second Amendment. He opposed it as recently as three years ago, and seems to be hoping that Americans ... (more)

  • Amicus Brief: Town of Greece v. Galloway

    by Ken Klukowski

    January 10, 2013: Amici curiae are 49 Members of Congress in the United States House of Representatives, and are individually named in the appendix to this brief. These elected Representatives regard ... (more)


    by Ken Klukowski

    August 19, 2010: Of all the daunting problems facing the country today, none has more profound implications for the rights and freedoms of individual Americans than judicial activism. ... (more)

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