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  • Director of Student Interns and Lectures

    August 26, 2016: The Director of Student Interns and Lectures will manage all facets of the FRC Internship program. The Director will also manage and publicize Policy Lectures and other Policy events. ... (more)

  • Direct Response Coordinator

    August 02, 2016: The Direct Response Coordinator (DRC) is responsible for planning, supervising and evaluating Family Research Council’s direct response campaigns and ongoing efforts. The DRC ... (more)

  • Web Developer

    June 27, 2016: The Web Developer is responsible for designing, developing, programming, and maintaining FRC's corporate websites ensuring that timely, relevant, and useful materials are easily accessed ... (more)

  • Database & Applications Developer

    June 13, 2016: The Database & Applications Developer will be responsible for the daily analysis, development and security of the Oracle Database. Support the IT Manager in programming and maintaining ... (more)

  • Vice President for Policy

    May 05, 2016: The Vice President for Policy will be responsible for directing FRC’s policy development and publishing strategies. Also responsible for management of research and family policy ... (more)

  • Video Producer

    December 07, 2015: The Video Producer will play an integral role in the definition and execution of the video experience to bring a wide variety of award winning programming to a whole new audience.

  • Culture Impact Team Coordinator

    October 26, 2015: Responsibilities Include: The Culture Impact Team (CIT) Coordinator will serve as an advocate and representative for the Church Ministries Division in our efforts to build a nationwide ... (more)

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