Common Core State Standards - Cheat Sheet

Common Core State Standards - Cheat Sheet

THE COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS (CCSS) were created to establish clear, consistent guidelines for what students should know and be able to do in math and English language arts from kindergarten through 12th grade. However well-intentioned the efforts, the CCSS aren't making the grade.

Common Core will impact what your children learn in the classroom. The standards remove a number of mathematical concepts altogether that previously have been taught widely and explicitly provide students with enough mathematics to make them ready for community college, rather than STEM programs or four year college programs. The CCSS for English Language Arts and Literacy replace many of the classics of literature with technical and "informational" texts.

Did you know?

  • The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were created without benefit of transparency, with the involvement of very few educators, but majority-funded and -influenced by corporate interests.
  • The CCSS are costing billions to implement, and the costs ultimately will fall to local school districts.
  • The CCSS Initiative has resulted in, and will likely continue to result in, an exodus and demoralization of the nation's experienced educators.
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Parents and experts are speaking out:

  • An August, 2014 PDK/Gallup poll showed that opposition to Common Core has risen to 60%. An EducationNext poll that same month showed opposition among teachers has risen to 40% (up from 12% the year before).
  • "Common Core's 'deeper' and 'more rigorous' standards mean replacing math with some kind of illustrative counting saturated with pictures, diagrams and elaborate word problems. Simple concepts are made artificially intricate and complex with the pretense of being deeper - while the actual content taught [is] primitive." - Dr. Marina Ratner, Professor Emerita, Mathematics, University of California - Berkley
  • "Mastery of ELA is participatory, a dynamic and not a thing that can be broken down into items on a list...What CCSS will do is remove this dynamic, killing the process through a focus on the vehicle, the 'text.' Not only does this not prepare students adequately for college success but it leaves me facing classrooms of students prepared only to be as bored by school now as they were in high school. CCSS, I believe, will make my job harder." - Aaron Barlow, Associate Professor of English, City University of New York, and Faculty Editor, Academe Magazine
  • "The Core Standards will cause suffering, not learning, for many, many young children." - Dr. Carla Horowitz, Yale Child Study Center

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