Ask your doctor to vote for marriage today!


August 16, 2013 - Friday

Your family doctor is probably a member of the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP). That means he or she has a strategic chance to cast a critical vote for marriage--but he or she must act before the polls close Monday.

Would you take a moment right now to contact your family doctor and ask them to vote FOR the marriage resolution?

By way of background, last year the national academy (the American Academy of Family Physicians) voted to support same-sex "marriage." Members of each of the state chapters are working to reverse that vote next month, and Pennsylvania is key to their success. That's where your doctor comes in.

For the first time in its history members of the Pennsylvania Academy successfully petitioned to have an issue put to a vote of the membership. Your doctor can vote to reverse the national academy's support for same-sex "marriage" by calling on the Pennsylvania Academy to adopt a neutral stance. The state leadership is making the vote as difficult as possible, and at least 10% of current members must vote or it won't count. The vote is currently running well under 10% of the membership.

This is where you doctor comes in. Please ask him or her to log in at and FOR the resolution.

A small number of family doctors can make a huge difference by voting before the online poll closes Monday. By remaining neutral the PAFP will send the national academy a strong signal that they should stay out of divisive political issues and help the state academy stick to its mission of helping doctors focus on their patients.

Your doctor's vote FOR the resolution matters. Ask him or her to vote FOR the resolution to stay neutral.