Brent Keilen

Vice President for Strategic Initiatives

Brent serves as vice president for strategic initiatives. His focused initiatives help reach and equip Christians who want to engage government and positively influence their communities and culture. Brent spent over four years in the Michigan state legislature as a legislative aide and policy director, drafting and advancing legislation and managing constituent services. He worked with the Republican National Committee during George W. Bush's presidential race in 2004 and has assisted with numerous gubernatorial, congressional, state legislative, and ballot initiative campaigns. His first memories of involvement in politics are going door-to-door and helping pass out literature at 10 years old. Since that time, he's knocked on an estimated 10,000 doors for various candidates and causes.

Brent has been interviewed by radio, TV, and print media outlets and speaks at churches, conferences and events focusing on government, politics, civic engagement, and faith. He is passionate about cultural renewal and equipping our generation with truth. He graduated from the University of Phoenix with his Bachelor of Science in Management. He resides in beautiful west Michigan with his wife and enjoys the outdoors, sports, serving in his church, and engaging stories.

Recent Activity

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