Chantel Hoyt

Legislative Assistant

Chantel Hoyt serves as Legislative Analyst for State and Local Affairs at Family Research Council. In this role, she tracks, analyzes, and writes about state-level legislation related to FRC’s mission of furthering faith, family, and freedom. Under the leadership of the Senior Director of Government Affairs, she assists the rest of the Government Affairs team with bill tracking and analysis, gathering bill data, monitoring bill hearings, following bills through the legislative process, and crafting alerts to send to constituents on key issues.

Before serving in this role, Chantel did data entry for a transportation company and interned with FRC’s Government Affairs department. She graduated cum laude from Regent University with a Bachelor’s degree in Government in 2020 and also previously earned an Associate’s degree in Business Administration from NHTI-Concord’s Community College, located in her home state of New Hampshire.

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Chantel Hoyt, Legislative Analyst for State and Local Affairs

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