Walt Heyer

Senior Fellow

Walt Heyer serves as Senior Fellow with FRC, working under Dr. Jennifer Bauwens in the Center for Family Studies. Walt is a husband, father, and corporate executive who underwent gender transition surgery at the age of 42 and tried to live as a woman for eight years. Through effective psychotherapy and faith in God, Walt was restored to his male identity and biological reality over 30 years ago. He now helps others who regret trying to live in a manner at odds with how God created them.

Walt advocates for protecting children from these irreversible interventions (known as gender transition procedures) and has testified to state and federal legislators in support of policies and legislation that would protect children in this area.

Walt has appeared on Fox News, CNN, the BBC, and Russia’s Channel One; and has participated in hundreds of podcast, radio, and TV interviews. He has also contributed to dozens of documentaries.

Walt has also written seven books and over 60 articles for USA Today, The Federalist, Public Discourse, and The Daily Signal, among other outlets.

His latest book, Trans Life Survivors, offers the latest research and 30 stories from the thousands of people who have contacted him for help.

Walt tells his fascinating story in his memoir, A Transgender’s Faith.

His advocacy work was honored by HazteOir.org (CitizenGO Spain) in 2023. He also received the Ruth Institute 2022 Witness of the Year award.

Walt and his wife of over 25 years, Kaycee, work to share his story of redemption and message of hope around the world.

You can learn more about Walt at: https://waltheyer.com/

Those seeking help in this area can find it at: https://sexchangeregret.com/

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