Adult Stem Cells--Saving Legs, Saving Lives

February 24, 2010

Previous stories focused on the science of treating peripheral artery disease with adult stem cells. Often overlooked are the people whose lives have been changed or even saved by adult stem cell treatments.

Helen Thomas, 80, of Hastings, Michigan is one of those people. Helen's painful circulatory problem in her leg meant she had trouble walking, rarely left home, and was facing amputation of her leg. But her physician, Kenneth Merriman of Hastings, asked around at a medical conference and found Dr. Randall Franz, who was doing a clinical trial at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. Franz injected Helen's own adult stem cells into her leg, causing new blood vessels to grow. Helen is now up and about, back to normal.

"It was a miracle. I'm walking, and I wouldn't be walking without the stem cells. I have my leg. They saved my life. I told them they saved my life."

Helen's daughter Mary said:

"It's just life-changing"

Initial patient results have been published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery.

HT: Andy McDonald