The Potential of One Life

April 13, 2010

I will never forget my experience visiting an orphanage in Rwanda. Simply put, there were too many babies and not enough adults to adequately care for them. It was a Saturday morning and the babies were lined up in their high chairs all in a row for breakfast. The babies were dirty, crying and hungry. A nun would feed one precious little babe a spoonful and then move on to the next little person. Then she kept moving down the line and then would start again at the beginning. Comparing this (the best the sister could give, without a doubt, given the circumstances) to the care of my beloved nieces and nephews was heartbreaking. I wanted deeply for each of those children to have a home with the love and security they would need for a happy life.

Have you ever considered adoption? Every child is a gift from God. Every person has amazing and unique potential, but they need the love of a mother and father to fully humanly flourish.

If you are at all interested in adoption, I encourage you to learn more. The following websites can help you do just that.