The Social Conservative Review: February 17, 2010 Edition

February 18, 2011

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Dear Friend,

The early Christians lived in a culture that was aggressively hostile to the sanctity and dignity of human life. In Rome, for example, the abandonment of unwanted infants -- simply leaving them in the street to die -- was commonplace.

Yet as theologian Michael Craven has written, it was those brave believers in Jesus who put their faith into unmistakable and very public action in rescuing unwanted little ones and the many other desperate and destitute people of ancient Rome:

The early Christians, acting in obedience to Christ, began to care for the poor, the sick, and the marginalized. So alien were their charitable acts and self-sacrificial lives that the Romans referred to them as "the third race" ... They expressed their opposition to infanticide by rescuing the abandoned children of Rome and raising them as their own--an enormously self-sacrificial act at a time when resources were limited and survival was in doubt.

Are we members of that "third race?" As we defend the unborn and stand with their mothers, support families and the institution of the family, and protect the religious liberty without which all other freedoms are in jeopardy, let's keep speaking, and doing, the truth in love (Ephesians 4:12) -- within the public arena. To abandon that arena would be an act of lovelessness, something we must never do.

The early Christians were so effective that when the pagan Emperor Julian died in AD 363, his last words were a veiled tribute to the Man from Galilee , the Lord Jesus Christ: "Vicisti Galilaee " -- "You Galileans (Christians) have won!"

Let's not forget the odds our early Christian brothers and sisters faced - persecution, famine, nakedness, danger and the sword, as Paul the Apostle wrote in Romans 8. Yet they kept on -- and so must we.

After all, we know Who wins in the end.


Rob Schwarzwalder

Senior Vice President

Family Research Council

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