The Social Conservative Review: July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013

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Dear Friend,

Life is full of ironies, not least of which are some of the expressions we use - why do we need to pay tolls when driving on the "free"-way?

There are others much more serious. In our nation's military, some Left-wing activists are insisting our men and women in uniform be denied the "freedom of religion" that the Constitution they have sworn to uphold guarantees them.

For example, in May, Coast Guard Rear Admiral William Lee told of his decision to violate the rules preventing him from giving a Bible to a service member who had attempted suicide. That young man is now alive and well thanks to the transforming power of Jesus Christ, which he found through study of the Bible.

Earlier this month, FRC President Tony Perkins and FRC Executive Vice President Jerry Boykin joined Members of Congress and other leaders in releasing FRC's new study, "A Clear and Present Danger: The Threat to Religious Liberty in the Military." You can download the study at no cost - here. You will find the many cases of repression it documents disturbing, but that's exactly why we're partnering with U.S. Rep. John Fleming (R-La.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee and himself a veteran, to enact legislation that protects religious liberty for those who defend our country.

From the earliest days of our Republic, those who have served to keep us free and secure have called on God for help, courage, and protection. He still hears their calls. Do we?


Rob Schwarzwalder
Senior Vice President
Family Research Council

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