Pay No Attention to the President Behind the Curtain

May 7, 2014

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is chairperson of the Democratic National Committee. Her job is to help her party advance its agenda in law and society and elect others who will work to this same end.

It is revealing, and rather remarkable, that Ms. Wasserman Schultz is now arguing that "Obamacare" - once touted as the President's greatest achievement - really isn't that big of a deal to voters. "The Affordable Care Act is not the first thing that people in a town hall meeting are asking about," she reports.

Maybe not. But even if her claim is true, what does that say about an electorate so disillusioned by Mr. Obama's catastrophic health care "reform" that they are not bothering even to understand it anymore? "Obamacare (Approval) Hits New Low," according to Monday's Washington Post. The question for Ms. Wasserman Schultz and her ideological colleagues is, how low will this corrosive "reform" drive Democratic turnout in November?