The Social Conservative Review: June 19, 2014

June 19, 2014

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Dear Friends,

Does the Affordable Care Act subsidize abortion?

As many of you will recall, President Obama signed an Executive Order stating that the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, would not fund abortion or abortion-related services. Of course, this was legally meaningless, as later admitted by Rahm Emanuel, since no EO can override the content of enacted legislation.

FRC has been concerned that from its inception, the ACA would subsidize abortion through the state insurance plan exchanges, and has now produced a study quantifying that concern.

"Abortion Coverage in State Health Care Exchanges," authored by the Director of FRC's Center for Human Dignity, Arina Grossu, demonstrates that Obamacare uses taxpayer funds to subsidize abortion by various means, as noted in the bullet points below.

You can download the publication here. A PDF is available here. Please review this new study and share it with colleagues and peers concerned about the ongoing battle for the lives of the unborn and the safety and dignity of their mothers.

Thanks for standing with FRC for the most vulnerable among us. Whatever the momentary wins or losses, the right to life is one we can never surrender.


Rob Schwarzwalder
Senior Vice President
Family Research Council

P.S. Be sure to watch Dr. Robert Gagnon's superb FRC lecture on the Bible and homosexuality here.

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