The Social Conservative Review: October 9, 2014

October 9, 2014

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Dear Friends,

In his lecture yesterday at FRC, "Renaissance: The Power of the Christian Gospel However Dark the Times," renowned scholar Dr. Os Guinness offered encouraging words for Christians ready to "throw in the towel" as events at home and abroad sometimes look bleak.

"Any gloom and doom today is totally unwarranted," said Dr. Guinness. "There are no answers so deep and true as those in the Christian faith."

Are we proclaiming and articulating those answers confidently, humbly, graciously, and persuasively? Serious believers should be asking themselves that question often. Dr. Guinness noted that "the church always goes forward by going backward first" -- by returning to its first love, Jesus Christ, and the eternal truths of God's Word. This is one of the paradoxes of God's kingdom -- we advance by retracing our path to His unchanging message. For the sake of advancing "a culture in which human life is valued, families flourish and religious liberty thrives," taking a few steps back to what really matters is always a good idea.


Rob Schwarzwalder
Senior Vice President
Family Research Council

P.S. What's going on with ebola, Islamic terrorism, and American security? Learn from FRC's Lt. Gen. (ret) Jerry Boykin, former commander of the Delta Force, as he explains what's happening in a Fox News interview.

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