The Social Conservative Review - April 28, 2016

April 28, 2016

Dear Friends,

Modern culture is overloaded with news, social media, electronic images, technological advances, advertisements and so forth. The limits of our time and attention are pressed to new boundaries every day by the flood of external data hitting us from every angle.

There is so much happening in our society and our world that keeping up with it all is impossible. So, with respect to issues of concern to social conservatives and Christians who care deeply about the future of our country, the dignity of all people, and the persecuted around the world, FRC brings you The Social Conservative Review. It's a unique, one-stop-shop for news and commentary about the critical moral and cultural issues of our time.

This is a content-heavy edition of SoCon. That's because there's much to report in the key areas where FRC works to advance religious liberty, human dignity, the health of the family, and the sanctity of life. But that's also why we send out these editions every two weeks, to give you a chance to read the best of the Web on the issues you care about.

Thanks for your heart for the good things for which FRC stands. Pray we'll keep standing, and moving forward, with the grace and truth Jesus embodied.


Rob Schwarzwalder

Senior Vice-President

Family Research Council

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Human Sexuality (homosexuality/ gender issues)

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