FRC's Top 7 Trending Items (Week of August 30)

September 4, 2020

Here are “The 7” top trending items at FRC over the past seven days:

1. Update: Who Can Quiet the Riot?

For the past three months, the rioting taking places across the country has taken lives and destroyed businesses and workers’ livelihoods. There is reason to believe that the criminal activity in these riots has been organized, and Homeland Security is investigating to crack down on the perpetrators.

2. Update: Law and Order Is for Everyone

Calling for law and order was never controversial—until President Trump did it. And now that his message is resonating in America, the media has decided: restoring order isn't just controversial, but racist too.

3. Washington Watch: Kenosha's Scott Carpenter mourns the destruction of his family business in the city’s riots

Scott Carpenter, family business owner of B&L Office Furniture, joined Tony Perkins to discuss his perspective on law and order after having his business destroyed by rioters.

4. Washington WatchLarry Taunton pulls back the curtain on the anti-Americanism fueling the Marxist movement

Larry Taunton, Executive Director of the Fixed Point Foundation, a graduate student of Russian history and Marxism in the 1990s, and author of the soon to be released Around the World in (More Than) 80 Days: Discovering What Makes America Great and Why We Must Fight to Save It joined Tony Perkins to discuss Marxism in America, specifically the Marxist tactics spurring on riots and lawlessness across the country.

5. Washington WatchRep. Warren Davidson reminds people that, even in Congress, God doesn't need a majority to work

Rep. Warren Davidson, U.S. Representative for the 8th district of Ohio and Member of the House Financial Services Committee, joined Tony Perkins to share how his faith has been his foundation as he has answered the calls to serve his country, first in the United States Army and then in the U.S. House of Representatives.

6. Washington WatchAndy McCarthy gets to the bottom of where the president’s power begins & ends on restoring order

Andy McCarthy, former Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York and Senior Fellow at the National Review Institute, joined Tony Perkins to discuss the actions that can be taken to address lawlessness across the country.

7. Pray Vote Stand broadcast: Are Our Elections Safe?

Will your vote count this November? With the emergence of mail-in ballots and other potential points of fraud, we discuss ballot integrity with guests Ken Paxton, Ronnie Floyd, and Vincent Mathews.

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