Kansas's Value Them Both Amendment Would Be a Win for Life

January 22, 2021

Today is the somber 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, a day that stripped the American unborn of the most fundamental of rights: the right to life.

On this anniversary of judicial activism, the Kansas House of Representatives voted to return the right to regulate abortion back to the people in an effort to protect both mothers and their unborn children. The House voted in favor of the Value Them Both Amendment in an effort to correct the overreach of the Kansas Supreme Court. Although the Kansas Constitution does not mention abortion, in 2019, the Kansas Supreme Court reinterpreted the state Constitution to include a right to abortion. Since then, pro-life activists have been working to correct this blatant judicial activism.

The Value Them Both Amendment rejects the false idea that abortion is a mother’s “right.” This Amendment would protect mothers from an unregulated abortion industry, rather than allowing the state Supreme Court to dictate the terms of abortion to Kansas voters. It empowers the citizens of Kansas to enact common-sense regulations for the dangerous abortion industry, and to preserve several pro-life laws that are already on the books but are now threatened by the Supreme Court’s activism.

The next stop for the Value Them Both Amendment is the Kansas Senate. If you (or your friends and family) live in Kansas and believe Kansans, not unelected justices, should determine abortion policy, contact your Kansas Senator today.