FRC's Top 7 Trending Items (Week of August 1)

August 6, 2021

Here are “The 7” top trending items at FRC over the past seven days:

1. Update: Biden’s Vaccine Push: A Mandate with Destiny

Joe Biden isn’t a doctor, and he’s certainly not your doctor. But that hasn’t stopped the president of the United States from making every Americans’ health decisions for them. He has decided that when it comes to COVID, you will be vaccinated or you surrender every constitutional right to privacy, employment, personal safety, and free speech until you do.

2. Update: Pelosi: The (No) Show Must Go on!

COVID doesn’t care what political party you belong to—it’s an equal opportunity infector. But when it comes to how the virus is impacting both sides, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has reaped more than her share of benefits. Turns out, the Left has taken advantage of setting the House rules during COVID to work in their favor.

3. Blog: Does 1 Corinthians 6:9 Really Condemn Homosexual Sex?

“What if the word ‘homosexual’ was never meant to be in the Bible?” That is the question the new documentary 1946: The Mistranslation that Shifted a Culture is dedicated to answering. The documentary explores the first appearance of the word “homosexual” in the Revised Standard Version (RSV) of the Bible, first published on February 11, 1946. But, was this honest hermeneutics?

4. Blog: Opposing Modern History’s Most Persistent Bad Idea: 5 Ways Marxism Is Influencing Us Today

Karl Marx’s ideas continue to be popular, despite the fact that a 100 million body count and an unmatched catalogue of misery follows them like a funeral procession wherever they go. Like the NFL coach who has only failed wherever he’s gone yet somehow keeps getting jobs, Marx’s ideas never work but remain popular for the young and the naive.

5. Washington Watch: Greg Steube, Roger Severino, Douglas Burton, Meg Kilgannon

Joseph Backholm was joined by Greg Steube, U.S. Representative for Florida, to discuss the House Foreign Affairs Committee report that raises further questions about the origins of COVID-19. Roger Severino, Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, shared how President Biden’s COVID-testing mandate violates civil rights law. Douglas Burton, investigative reporter on terrorism for the Epoch Times, discussed a report showing that 17 Christians are killed every day in Nigeria. And, Meg Kilgannon, FRC’s senior fellow for education studies, talked about new transgender policies in state prisons and the Olympics.

6. Washington Watch: Matt Rosendale, Meg Kilgannon, Katherine Johnson, Heather Johnston

Tony Perkins was joined by Matt Rosendale, U.S. Representative for Montana, to discuss Nancy Pelosi’s mask mandate. Meg Kilgannon, FRC’s senior fellow for education studies, decried the court decision that determined parents lack standing to challenge Virginia’s new transgender school policies. Katherine Johnson, FRC’s research fellow for legal and policy studies, talked about FRC’s amicus brief filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in the abortion case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization. And, Heather Johnston, founder and president of JH Israel and U.S. Israel Education Association, shared about her new book, Uncommon Favor: The Intentional Life of a Disciple.

7. Pray Vote Stand Broadcast: Unashamed

On this edition of Pray Vote Stand, Tony Perkins was joined by Rep. Greg Steube and Al Robertson to share their experiences receiving criticism for their faith and offer practical wisdom for Christians to stand for truth in a hostile culture.