Leadership and Love: A Tale of Two Fathers

There has never been a greater need for godly men and fathers than the age in which we live. 

Absent fathers, ineffective fathers, and distracted fathers, along with angry fathers, have created a vacuum of the soul in the lives of many children. Pornography is epidemic, stupefying the male brain, isolating his heart, and degrading women who are daughters with longings to be cherished. Confusion about marriage and now even skepticism about marriage run rampant, especially in our younger generations. Selfishness among men has led to broken homes and a trail littered with broken hearts, including their own. Meanwhile, a secular approach to remedying this debases males by emphasizing the reining in of male instincts and drives instead of teaching them about character and how to live as servant leaders in their homes. 

Where can we turn to find the solutions to these broad, sweeping problems? What maps can we use to guide us out of the disarray and lead us in God's plan for fathers? Would you like to be part of the solution in your vital role as a father? 

This brief pamphlet takes a look at two men, Joshua and the Father of the Prodigal Son, as strong examples of leadership and love. It also weaves in a healthy understanding of attachment science to underscore the needs of children which fathers must meet to shape children who are emotionally healthy and spiritually strong. 

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