Modern Slavery: How to Fight Human Trafficking in Your Community

Victims of human trafficking and their advocates have been crying out for years. Finally, their voices are being heard, as many people have begun to understand and address the problem of human trafficking—in reality, a form of modern day slavery. Certain aspects of the problem have received a great deal of attention, but it is critical that Americans understand that modern day slavery is deeply entrenched in every major city, metropolitan area, and state in America. It is not merely a problem in foreign countries or for the impoverished. Human trafficking impacts all of us.

Because of the many ways human trafficking occurs, it is impossible for this pamphlet to cover the problem in its entirety. This piece focuses on sex trafficking or prostitution—the most likely form of human trafficking one will encounter in the United States.[1] We hope that this pamphlet will help you better appreciate how these crimes put you, your family, and your community at risk. We also invite you to be part of the solution and offer ways to address the problem.

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