Chrysta Johnson, Events Manager

FRC Staff

Chrysta Johnson

Events Manager

Chrysta Johnson serves as the Events Manager of FRC. All development events for FRC supporters and national events produced by FRC are included within the scope of her responsibility. Chrysta enjoys the planning process and execution of events in every capacity. She has a passion for events of all kinds and the multitude of details that surround planning and coordinating.

Prior to working at FRC, Chrysta resided in Greenville, S.C. and served as the Conference Director for the Truth for a New Generation Conference, as well as the Assistant Director of North Greenville University's Christian Worldview Center. Her expertise in event coordinating was further utilized with Alex McFarland and his ministry as McFarland's scheduler. In South Carolina, Chrysta engaged in many community events and other organizations and businesses for which she provided expertise and consulting for event planning and operating, marketing, and promotions.

Chrysta graduated as a magna cum laude Honors Scholar with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Marketing and Mass Communication in 2009. Upon completion of her college degree, Chrysta continued her education by earning a Master's in Business Administration in 2011. She now resides in Southeast D.C. and enjoys singing, traveling, getting amazing bargains, and being an active member of her church, TriumphDC.

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