Family Research Council

Standing Firm

A Culture Impact Team Vision & Training Webcast Event

Standing Firm, a Culture Impact Team training webcast event, will be webcast live from First Baptist Church Indian Trail, just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.

The event will feature several speakers and panels that will provide tools, resources, and answer the question that people across the country are asking, “What Can I do?” The ministry of a Culture Impact Team (CIT) is designed for anyone involved in the local church to be the salt and light to their community by raising awareness of the moral issues we face, encouraging and motivating others to register to vote, and become involved and engaged in the political process.

This event will also train existing CITs to take their ministry to the next level, and provide the encouragement and tools needed to do that in an election year. Finally, this webcast will be the source for the nationwide unveiling of our newest App, which will provide tools and resources at your fingertips 24/7.