Collateral damage in the 'war on women' debate: Sexual risk avoidance education caught in the crosshairs
June 4, 2014 12:00 ET

The phrase "war on women" is an agenda-driven attempt to give victim status to women while ignoring their victimization by dangerous sexual messages.

The use of the phrase is also intended to intimidate the messenger into silence - all the while communicating a message that actually puts young women at risk. This briefing uncovers the latest attacks to mischaracterize the optimal sexual risk avoidance approach of abstinence education. Attendees will learn that the 'war on women' argument began around World War I - and that feminists largely rejected it then - as they should today. Sex education that is implemented in every state in the Union is being drawn into this largely disingenuous 'war' which means that children are becoming pawns to an agenda that undermines their best interests.

Valerie Huber is the President/CEO of the National Abstinence Education Association (NAEA), a Washington DC-based professional association in support of abstinence education as the optimal strategy for teen sexual health. Valerie previously served as the Title V Abstinence Education Coordinator for the state of Ohio where she provided oversight and grant awards to community abstinence programs serving over 100,000 students per year as part of the Ohio Department of Health. She is a frequent spokesperson for teen sexual health in various media venues and has been interviewed hundreds of times by prominent print, radio and television outlets. She is an expert on the history of sex education as well as the public policy decision-making that has influenced how sex education is taught in communities across the nation.

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