Religious Freedom, Trade Talks, and China
February 6, 2019 15:00 ET

A discussion with Bob Fu of China Aid and other special guests, moderated by FRC's Travis Weber

The "de-linking" of trade and human rights in China decades ago has not advanced human rights and religious freedom in that country; indeed, recent developments show a trend for the worse. In recent years, China has increasingly cracked down on religious freedom, harassing and detaining pastors and Christian leaders, herding Muslim citizens into "re-education" camps, and tightening its grip on the practice and exercise of religious beliefs across the board. In light of ongoing trade talks, we must ask whether the time is ripe to ensure that religious freedom requirements are a condition of any new agreement with China.

Join FRC and guest experts as they discuss religious freedom in China, and what can be done to advance religious freedom in that country through the Trump administration's ongoing trade talks.

Travis Weber, J.D., LL.M.
Vice President for Policy
Family Research Council

Dr. Xiqiu "Bob" Fu
Founder and President, China Aid

Doug Robison, J.D.
President, EXL Petroleum
Board Chairman, China Aid

General Secretary, Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

Dr. Yang Sen-Hong
Founder and President, Taiwan Association for China Human Rights

Mrs. Li Ching-Yu
Wife of Li Ming-Che, human rights activist currently imprisoned in China

Kuzzat Altay
Founder, Uyghur Entrepreneurs Network
Founder and CEO, Cybertek School

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