11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative

11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative
November 14, 2014 12:00 ET

Dr. Paul Kengor takes a fresh look at Reagan conservatism in his latest book, 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative. With many conservatives vying to be the "Reagan Conservative," it is important that we not lose Reagan's legacy in modern political rhetoric. Dr. Kengor identifies key principles such as Freedom, Family, Faith, Limited Government, and many more as the keys to understanding true Reagan conservatism. If politicians want to emulate Reagan, they need to honestly examines his principles. Please join FRC and Dr. Kengor for an important discussion of true Reagan conservatism.

Paul Kengor, Ph.D. is a professor of political sciences at Grove City College and the executive director of the College's Center for Vision and Values.

Dr. Kengor is a frequent television political commentator and opinion page contributor. He is a regular featured columnist at Townhall.com and his articles have appeared in numerous publications from across the ideological spectrum. He is most known for his best selling books, including God and Ronald Reagan, God and George W. Bush, God and Hillary Clinton, and co-editor of The Reagan Presidency: Assessing the Man and His Legacy. In 2007 he completed The Judge, an authorized biography of former Reagan confidant and National Security Advisor William P. Clark, Jr..

Dr. Kengor earned his bachelor's degree and Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh and his master's degree from American University. He is married to Susan Kengor and has seven children. He is a practicing Roman Catholic and avid Pittsburgh sports fan especially for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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