Supreme Court finally gives justice to the Little Sisters of the Poor, says Family Research Council

Supreme Court finally gives justice to the Little Sisters of the Poor, says Family Research Council

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Family Research Council President Tony Perkins applauded the U.S. Supreme Court's verdict in favor of the Little Sisters of the Poor, a religious charity who have been fighting a legal battle for survival for the past nine years. In 2011, President Obama's Department of Health and Human Services threatened fines reaching into the tens of millions of dollars unless the sisters violated their religious convictions by covering free abortion-causing drugs and services in their health insurance plan. Although they won after a 5-year battle, the Little Sisters were dragged back before the highest court in the land after multiple states tried again to force them to violate their religious convictions.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins released the following statement:

"The Little Sisters' long struggle for survival is one evidence of the growing hostility to religion in America. It should be common sense to allow a religious group to conduct themselves according to their religious convictions, and yet government agents have tried to punish them with obtuse fines for doing just that. We are pleased to see the Supreme Court still recognizes religious freedom.

"There is no more fundamental freedom than to obey the dictates of one's own conscience, and no freedom should be held more sacred from government interference.

"We are glad that the Constitution protects the Little Sisters and others willing to stand up for their beliefs in the face of intense, longstanding opposition. These brave women have endured nine years of legal persecution for their religious beliefs, and we sincerely hope the Supreme Court's decision today is the end of this unjust saga. Enough is enough," concluded Perkins.

Travis Weber, Vice President for Policy and Government Affairs at Family Research Council, added: "It's time the Little Sisters of the Poor are able to focus on the religious mission of caring the poor and lonely without worrying about the government forcing them to provide abortion-causing drugs and services against their conscience. I am thankful that with today's ruling the Little Sisters and many others who simply want to live out their faith free from government coercion can do just that."


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