Standing Firm in a Changing America: How to be a Faithful, Young, (Christian), Conservative
January 28, 2015 12:00 ET

Some observers argue that Christian public policy is dead or dying. Young Evangelical conservatives are called a rare breed and soon become irrelevant old conservatives. Are these perceptions right? And how should Christians navigate the changing social landscape of 21st century America? Is it possible to stand firmly for Christian principles in a hostile culture? Should we retreat from the culture wars for the sake of cultural approval? Is it possible to remain faithful to historic Protestant faith and engage in public policy? FRC has assembled an exciting panel of young conservatives who are active in public policy and are passionate about their Christian faith. Come hear them as they discuss the challenges of remaining faithful to Christ and influential in shaping public policy in America.

Alison Howard is the Communications Director at Concerned Women for America.  Speaking on pro-life, pro-family issues, Howard has been featured on Fox News, ABC, NPR, The Christian Broadcasting Network, and other media outlets explaining how limited government empowers women and American families. Her work has been published in National Review Online, World Magazine, Red Alert Politics, and The Blaze. Howard manages Concerned Women for America’s communications efforts covering seven core issues:  sanctity of life, religious liberty, family, sexual exploitation, support for Israel, national sovereignty, and education.  

D.J. Jordan has worked on Capitol Hill for six years and is currently serving as Communications Director for Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma. Before his time in Congress, D.J. worked in broadcast journalism covering political news in the nation’s Capital at CNN and then Fox News. In 2013, Jordan was appointed to the Virginia State Board of Social Services by the Governor. In this role, he has advocated for foster children and promoted antipoverty polices that promote opportunity and self-sufficiency. Jordan earned an M.A. in Public Management from The Johns Hopkins University. He completed a B.S. in Communications from Liberty University. D.J. and his wife have four children. They regularly speak to groups about adoption, mentoring, and the impact of stable families on society and public policy.

Eric Teetsel directs the Manhattan Declaration, a national movement of Christians for life, marriage, and religious freedom founded by Charles Colson. Before joining the Declaration, he founded the Values & Capitalism program at the American Enterprise Institute with Henry Olsen and Arthur Brooks, and worked for former U.S. Senator Bill Armstrong at Colorado Christian University, along with numerous other initiatives. A prolific writer and speaker, Eric was recently featured in the New York Times and WORLD Magazine’s “Emerging Christian Voices” series. He blogs regularly at American Spectator and Patheos and has written for USA Today, Public Discourse, Relevant Magazine and The City. Eric is married to his beautiful wife Abby.

Jessica Prol is the Managing Editor for Publications at the Family Research Council. A native of northern New Jersey, Ms. Prol attended Grove City College where she received a B.A. in English. Ms. Prol has offered legislative and communications assistance to former U.S. Representatives Jim Ryun (KS-02), Bill Sali (ID-01), and Bob Inglis (SC-04). She has coordinated marketing efforts for The Heritage Foundation's DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society and freelanced for a variety of conservative and Christian nonprofits.

Nathan Oppman (Moderator) is the Lectures and Student Intern Coordinator at the Family Research Council. He developed his interest in public policy through active involvement in campaigns, caucuses, and his local church in his home state of Iowa. He received a B.A. in Political Science and an M.A. in History from Bob Jones University and is currently enrolled in their doctoral program pursuing an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction. Nathan has had the privilege of teaching History of Civilization discussion classes to several hundred undergraduate students at BJU from 2008-2010. He has also spoken to churches, conferences, and other groups regarding Christian citizenship and history. He has a passion to encourage biblical thinking in society and government.

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