ISIS, Sharia, & the Islamic State Phenomenon: The Caliphate in Light of Sharia
March 30, 2016 12:00 ET

Jihad, caliphate, sharia…words with which most Americans were not familiar until the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They inspire fear, not only because of their link to the brutal attacks now occurring regularly around the world, but also because many of us do not fully understand how these words animate a radical Islamist vision of the future. Unfortunately for the victims of this ideology, several key leaders in the West are engaging in a combination of willful ignorance and wishful thinking in their approach to radical Islam. This, despite the astronomically greater threat posed by an unknown enemy as opposed to one whose motivations and methods are identified as such.

There is perhaps no better authority on radical Islam than someone who at one point espoused that very system of belief. Al Fadi, a convert from Islam to Christianity, now works to educate and equip others about Islam for the purpose of reaching Muslims for Christ. In this fascinating lecture, Al explains how sharia and the caliphate drive ISIS and other radical groups in the ideological conflict into which we and many others have been drawn.

Al Fadi is the founder and director of CIRA International, a ministry focused on training and equipping Christian leaders and laypersons on reaching out to our Muslim neighbors, for the purpose of effectively sharing Christ and His message of salvation and hope with them. A former Wahhabi Muslim who converted to Christianity, Al Fadi has a passion for his Muslim people to come to a saving knowledge through this ministry. Since its inception in 2002, CIRA International has had the privilege of training thousands of Christians in churches, para-church organizations, and at various Christian colleges & seminaries.

Al Fadi is the host of a popular radio show called “Let Us Reason, a Christian-Muslim Dialogue with Al Fadi”, and a frequent guest on various radio and television media outlets. He is also a guest lecturer and visiting adjunct at a number of national Bible colleges and seminaries. He holds an MS in Engineering and an MDiv. in Biblical Communication, and is currently pursuing a certification in Islamic Apologetics and a DMin. with a focus on Radical Islam.

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