Witness to Love: How to Help the Next Generation of Marriages Survive and Thrive
May 12, 2016 12:00 ET

Even before the Supreme Court ruled in favor of legally redefining marriage to include any two consenting adults with mutual affection for one another, the American marriage was in deep trouble. The cultural embrace of radical sexual expression, institutionalized no-fault divorce, and a basic misunderstanding of marriage's sacred purpose could only serve to weaken the foundation on which the building block of society - the family - is built.

After witnessing the collapse of two young marriages, the preparation for which they had played a part, Ryan and Mary-Rose Verret decided something must be done to positively impact the marriage culture in our nation. Together, they founded Witness to Love: Marriage Preparation Renewal Ministry, a movement dedicated to renewing the way engaged couples perceive and receive marriage preparation. Witness to Love provides training, resources, and ongoing support for clergy and those engaged in marriage preparation. Particularly, Witness to Love is a resource for those who recognize the essential and urgent need to integrate engaged couples fully into the life of their church community. Ongoing involvement in one's church is proven to be one of the most important components of supporting couples in a life-long commitment to the covenant of matrimony.

Ryan and Mary-Rose are the authors of Witness to Love: How to Help the Next Generation of Marriages Survive and Thrive (St. Benedict Press, 2015). Their book challenges all married couples to share the joys and the trials of their marriage with others as a tool for evangelization. It is also a handbook for marriage mentors. Together, Ryan and Mary-Rose have worked one-on-one with countless engaged couples, mentor couples, clergy, and marriage preparation personnel. They have appeared together on EWTN and are frequent guests on EWTN's Catholic Radio for Acadiana. They reside in the heart of Cajun Country with their three children.

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