Socialism: Hype vs. Reality
July 6, 2016 12:00 ET

With the cost of healthcare and college tuition on the rise, efforts to offer such services for free through government programs are understandably attractive to many. However, the utopian, socialist principles behind such ideas are inherently flawed, and in reality, their ends can only be achieved through unfettered government overreach. Down through the ages, socialism has only wrought destruction, and those who propose that an American execution of the same policies would somehow reap a different result do so at their (and our) peril. With American interest in socialism on the rise, it is vital that we understand its foundational philosophies so we can combat this fatally flawed government solution to a human problem. Join FRC and former Congressman Bob McEwen for an informative discussion of the truth about socialism and its consequences.

An outstanding communicator, Bob McEwen is a leading advocate for pro-family interests and free-market economics. As such, he maintains an active international speaking schedule. The former Ohio Congressman in conferences around the world uncovers the part that God and Free Enterprise have played in making America the envy of the world, stating, "If we lose our appreciation for those two pillars of Right and Work we will see the disintegration of the great American culture."

Bob was chosen by his colleagues to be a member of the coveted Intelligence Committee and also the Rules Committee which oversees all legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives. He also was a member of the U.S. delegation to the European Parliament for 10 years. Currently he serves at the Executive Director of the Washington based Council for National Policy. Bob and his wife, Liz, have four children and six grandchildren - and make their homes in Cincinnati, Ohio and Fairfax Station, Virginia.

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