Heirloom Love - Authentic Christianity for this Age of Persecution

Heirloom Love - Authentic Christianity for this Age of Persecution
April 19, 2017 12:00 ET

In the last three years India has leaped in ranking from the 28th worst to the 15th worst country for severe Christian persecution, according to the World Watch List. Why has persecution dramatically increased since Prime Minister Modi was elected in 2014? What is Hindutva, and why should it concern us? If Modi's past is an indicator of India's future, what can Indian Christians expect in the way of increased persecution?

Join Dominic Sputo for answers to these questions and to learn more about the alarming politics behind the persecution in the world's largest democracy.

Dominic Sputo is the founder of Mute No More. He is a passionate voice for the poor and persecuted and is the author of Heirloom Love: Authentic Christianity for this Age of Persecution. Dominic also serves on the National Christian Foundation -- Tampa Bay board of directors and was a pastor at Lakeshore Bible Church in Tampa, FL prior to starting Mute No More.

Mute No More's mission is to educate, encourage and equip American Christians to "love one another" by praying, advocating and providing relief for persecuted Christians in foreign countries.

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